Jazz & Reading along the Naviglio

Period covid 19

3 summer dates of the Jazz & Readings festival along the Naviglio at Cassinetta di Lugagnano have just passed.

The live music with guitar, accordion and sax, in the name of improvisation and fusion of melodies, was directed by Maestro Alessandro Centolanza of Cassinetta.
The notes were combined with readings of classic novels by authors from the 20s and 30s as well as poems from the romantic period, all selected and interpreted by Gigi Clementi and Cristina Monetti, both from Cassinetta.
A moment of relaxation and widespread culture to get closer to the great classics of literature and let people experience the Library outdoors, listening to Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Joseph Conrad, Italo Svevo, Grazia Deledda and Virginia Woolf together with John Keats, William Blake and Vachel Lindsay. Thanks to the organization and availability of the Municipality of Cassinetta together with Bellastagione.
Cristina Monetti Tel +39 335 6263213 www.bellastagione.com

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